Myers of Keswick in the West Village

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Myers of Keswick is “your traditional British grocery store in New York City” according to the tagline on the company website and they really are just that.  If you are in need of clotted cream, malt vinegar, any number of Heinz bean products or simply a cold soda such as R. Whites lemonade then Myers has you covered.  The store also carries a variety of meat pies, Scotch eggs as well as pork and sausages.

The staff are incredibly friendly and more than happy to offer a few suggestions if you aren’t familiar with some of the products from across the pond. The shop opened in 1985 but I just recently started popping in on the weekend. I have shopped there a handful of times in the past few months and my refrigerator is looking more and more like an anglophile after each trip.

The next time you are in the west village be sure to save time for a short visit to the store; you will not be disappointed. Myers of Keswick is located at 634 Hudson Street (near the corner of Horatio and Jane Street.)

FAN Tip:  Pick up a few meat pies, sodas and Cadbury chocolates and walk west for about 1/4 mile (approximately 5 minutes) west to the Hudson River and have a little picnic on the water.  The park that runs parallel to the river has benches, grass areas and is a great spot to take in some sun and do a little people watching.  Once you are finished with your meal you can then walk along the river and check out some of the free activities in the Hudson such as kayaking.

Canned Goods at Myers of Keswick in the West VillageR Whites Premium LemonadeScotch Egg from Myers of Keswick


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