Cherry Tomatoes Have Arrived

By Seth Fera-Schanes

While contemplating what to plant in my garden box, tomatoes seemed like a natural choice.  But what type of tomato should I plant?

I could have gone the heirloom route because few things in a garden are cooler than zebra tomatoes.  San Marzano were next under consideration because this Italian gem is one of my favorites.

I finally decided to go the cherry path for a few reasons.  The yield and having fresh red tomatoes everyday makes me feel accomplished.  There is also a convenience factor where I can walk to the subway in the morning, stop by my garden and pop a few before heading to work.

I took a little more time (about 5 minutes) and put together this summer garden salad featuring all ingredients from my garden.  Simply add halved cherry tomatoes, freshly ripped basil leaves, a few chives and the one pepper that was ripe.

Cherry Tomato in HarlemFresh Garden Ingredients in HarlemSummer Salad from Harlem Garden


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