An Exercise in Making Apartment Sourdough Pretzels

By Seth Fera-Schanes

I will eat just about every street food in New York City.  And I am not talking about the newest line of fancy food trucks with their square payment systems and lunch lines that take 15 minutes to place an order.

I want lamb over rice for $5, hot dogs that have been gently marinating in New York water for the past 24 hours and pretzels with essence of charcoal smoke and cardboard.  I’m not being entirely sarcastic here but will say the pretzels do take around 4 beers and finding yourself in midtown at 3am to make that decision.  And be sure you coat that thing in French’s Mustard.

The city actually has a long standing love of pretzels.  It’s apparent at any happy hour with your coworkers and someone ordering no less than 3 of them to share with the group.

So what if you wanted to move your pretzel experience to the comfort of your own home?  It’s actually quite easy with one annoying exception.  The recipe called for 1/4 cup of powdered milk.  Did you know you can only buy powdered milk in increments of 5 pounds?  I do now.  So $13 later and with the newest addition to the back of my cupboard, I was ready to bake.

I went with a recipe from King Arthur Flour (but used whole wheat flour.)  It was a 6 step process and not too time consuming.  Definitely recommend (and don’t forget the French’s.)

Sourdough Pretzel DoughMaking Sourdough PretzelsWhole Wheat Sourdough Pretzels

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