The Chocolate Bars of Iceland

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Take pause and imagine you are in New Orleans or Philadelphia, Florence Italy or Madrid Spain.  What do you think about?  Oysters Rockefeller?  Cheese Steaks?  Gelato?  Serrano Ham?

Food is directly associated with our travel experiences.  It helps us know local culture and in our own lives it’s how we pass down family traditions.

But with all travel, after a bit of time it comes to an end and we are back to our daily routines. However, what if there was a way you could take yourself back to that memorable location?  Maybe it’s a week later or a month and you are reminiscing about sitting in a cafe, hiking a trail or lounging on the beach.

There actually is a novel way to do this and something you can turn into a fun game with friends or your colleagues at work.

Commit about $20 at a local grocery or candy store and pick the broadest selection of candies you can find.  Be adventurous.  If you can’t read the label or something looks different than your regular Hersey’s bar, then buy it.

Candy and chocolate has a long shelf life so you can set up this activity even a couple months after your return (but good luck waiting that long.)  It also won’t be a problem for customs.

After a recent trip to Iceland, I decided to rank the chocolate bars of the country with my coworkers.  By no means was this an exhaustive sample size of chocolates and it was quite an unscientific study.  But it was delicious and fun and for me that’s what mattered.

The group’s top 3 were where the chocolate with caramel, milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt and plain milk chocolate.  Interestingly, Iceland seems to love adding black licorice to chocolate but those didn’t make the top tier.  Since I am writing the article, I am unilaterally giving an honorable mention to Lakkris Kokostomp bar because it had chocolate, licorice and some type of green taffy thing.  It was chewy, quite pleasant and I would get it again.

Below are a few pics to get you give you a taste of the experience.  Definitely give this a try the next time you travel.

Top 3:


Honorable Mention by Seth:lakkris

This 70% dark chocolate bar was delicious and also was toward the top of the list.


A lot of the remaining candy bars were enjoyed and I think allowed people to experience some new flavors.  However, black licorice in general and especially salty black licorices take some getting use to.



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