Contributing Editors


Seth Fera-SchanesSeth Fera-Schanes: Grew up in San Diego, 5 year layover in Spokane, Washington and then off to the Big Apple.  Started Full Access NYC to showcase all this incredible city has to offer.  See all of Seth’s articles.



Current Contributing Editors:

Leyla Shamayeva Bio PictureLeyla Shamayeva:  Native Brooklynite and soon-to-be registered dietitian exploring the fitness and nutrition world one step at a time. Loves a few slices of pizza just as much as a well-balanced salad.  See all of Leyla’s articles.





Nick Christophers Bio PictureNick Christophers: A New York City native has worked in journalism for many years.  Nick is passionate about art, writing and has penned a novel about the mob called “Destinies.”  See all of Nick’s articles.





Elissa Gilbert Author Bio PicElissa Gilbert:  Elissa’s a New York native and despite traveling around the world, nowhere else has ever felt like home.  You can follow her blog about her travels outside the city.  See all of Elissa’s articles.




Marsha Clarke Author Profile PictureMarsha Clarke: Born and raised in Brooklyn with a Caribbean background is a jack of all trades but mostly a researcher of relaxation.  She loves art in all of its forms.  See all of Marsha Clarke’s.




Former Contributing Editors:

missyMelissa Limberg: Girl about town, lover of all things luxe, Upper East Sider.  Prefers not to sugar coat, employs sarcasm when necessary, always requests a lime in her vodka water.  See all of Melissa’s articles.




Christopher Ellis – Our Man in Manhattan Valley: Born in Miami and raised in Jakarta and Singapore, he went to college in Colorado Springs and moved to New York thirteen years ago. Chris has lived all over New York and loves the upper, upper West side for it’s quiet streets and easy access to the parks. His most recent move involved all of 4 blocks and his first elevator operator.

His favorite place to spend a Sunday afternoon is at Fairway Marketplace even though he lived for five years on top of a Westside Market. Cooking, and finding basement Japanese joints are a couple of his favorite hobbies.  Follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter. See all of Chris’ articles.



Michael Ibrahim: Moved from Sydney, Australia to New York over 4 years ago.  Food and beer – especially Belgian style – are his biggest motivators (and of course his wife Louise.)  A keen traveler and aviation buff, Michael will taste and Tweet about beers from all corners of the world (no joke, follow him on Twitter and Instagram and you will see for yourself.) He wants to open a shop that sells exotic beers and when that spot opens you had better stop by.  Follow Michael on Twitter and Instagram.  See all of Michael’s articles.