Fun New York City Photos: fanwin or fanfail

Capturing New York’s interesting moments.  You know what we’re talking about… for the #fanwin or #fanfail

Our List of Unique Photos of New York City Moments

57.  The latest trend in discount stores.  $.97 for the #fanwin97 Cent Store

56.  Nod to Charlie Brown at the office.  #fanwinCharlie Brown Design Help

55.  The reclusive totally empty subway car (and not for gross reasons) ready for it’s photo session.  #fanwinEmpty Subway Car

54.  No dumping sign.  Too literal #fanfailNo Dumping Sign in New York City

53.  Some people can just build their own private outdoor staircases connecting their duplexes.  I won’t hate #fanwinOutside Staircase in New York City

52.  Safety #fanfailOverfilled Car

51.  Not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And who uses live turtles as a window display for a clothing store?  #fanfailTurtle Display in New York City Store

50.  Pigeons that don’t attack or leave a mess.  #fanwinNew York City Pigeons

49.  New York City chicken coop.  Fresh eggs everyday #fanwinChicken Coop New York City

48.  Coffee shop taking a stand against phone rudeness.  #fanwinAnti Cell Phone at Check Out Counter

47.  Halloween themed deviled eggs (with ‘spider.’)  Gross but a #fanwin for the spirited effort.Hard Boiled Egg Spider.JPG

46.  Tight security for 5-hour Energy drinks.  They were flying off the shelves; but not in a good way.  #fanfail5 Hour Energy

45. Holiday decorations going up around the city.  The most wonderful time of the year;  #fanwinHoliday Decorations in Harlem

44.  Sounds like they are more of a dog person.  #fanwinFeeding Cats

43.  Deal of the day.  #fanwin99 Cent Vitamins

42.  Taking care of business on moving day.  #fanwinCouch Removal in New York City

41.  Sign visual for the #fanwinPicking up After your Dog Sign

40. Green Juice.  What’s in it?  Green…. #fanfailGreen Juice Sign

39.  No disrespect to vegans but #fanfailVegan Parmesan

38.  Apparently tennis ball tubes are now used to store apples?  Unnecessary, wasteful #fanfailApples in Tennis Ball Tube.jpg

37.  Outdoor movie night.  The ‘Walk-in,’ NYC’s response to the Drive-in movie theater. #fanwinOutdoor Movie Night

36.  Public art installation (most likely unsponsored.)  #fanwin

Public Art on the Hudson River

In Iceland these all would have been trolls

35.  Rounding up?  .22 cents added to the bill.  #fanfail + 51 (for rounding purposes)

Rounding Up on the Bill

Adding money to my tab for ’rounding’

34. Pedestrian advertising.  Wasn’t nyc the home of the best brand and advertising agencies in the world?  #fanfail

Arizona Tea Advertisement.jpg

Arizona Tea #fanfail

33. Keeping a paddle board in your nyc apartment and then carrying it down the street as you head out to the beach. Absolute #fanwin

Paddle Boarding in New York City.jpg

Paddle Boarding the Streets of NYC

32. Hodor! #GOT and a definite #fanwin

Hold the Door

Winter is Here

31. Putting your neighbors on notice.  #fanwinNot a urinal sign in Harlem

30.  Beating the summer heat by any means available.  #fanwinTaxi Air Conditioning

29.  Blueberry bushes in Harlem community garden.  #fanwinFresh Blueberries

28.  New York Parks signage.  #fanwinfeed-a-pigeon-sign

27.  Another example of New Yorker’s passive aggressive tendencies.  #fanfailpassive-aggressive-note-to-police

26.  Recognizing where artwork will be featured #fanwin.


“Instagram Fodder’ written on upper left of artwork

25.  #fanwin for business understanding the environment in which they operate.  Advertise on top of your delivery truck so people in skyscrapers can contact you.


DHL rooftop advertising

24.  Free armoire in front of Central Harlem brownstone.  Everything about NYC from the tv show Seinfeld being accurate…..#fanwin

Armoire in Central Harlem

Soup Nazi #nosoupforyou

23.  Bagpipes.  In the office.  Undisputed #fanwinJohn Bertino Bagpipes

22.  Advertisement #fanfail (on multiple levels)Mike Vick

21.  Some dude who clearly likes Marty McFly cruising around Times Square #fanwin.Marty McFly in Times Square

20.  Positive reinforcement for the #fanwin.You My Dawg Thanks for Picking Up After your Dog

19.  Expanding the square footage of your tiny NYC bathroom (or outdoor elevated tub display)….#fanwinOutdoor Tub

18.  The modern church.  120 year old building meets 4k TV technology. #fanwinEphesus Seventh-day Adventist Church

17.  Entrepreneur making the most of New York retail space.  #fanwin.  Bonus #fanwin for using 1/8 in the address.

16. Store furniture display using a real fire pit feature for the #fanwin

Table with built-in fire pit feature Table with built-in fire pit feature

15.  Synagogue for the #fanwin

Congregation Emunath Israel: Absolute Shabbat Congregation Emunath Israel: Absolute Shabbat

14.  Religious reference to advertise storage space.  #fanwinManhattan Mini Storage Subway Advertisement 13.  Carrots and sugar = health cake #fanfail Carrot Health Cake 12.  How New Yorkers do moving day #fanwin Moving Day in New York City 11. NYC watering system #fanwin Watering Hose New York City Garden 10. Barefoot Runner in Central Park: 41 F degrees and snow on the ground.  #fanwin for toughness Barefoot Running in Central Park 9.  Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage….. that contains less than 5% alcohol by volume #fanfailIberia Malta Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage 8. Deconstructed Hot Toddy…..for $10. #fanfail Deconstructed Hot Toddy 7. Owning your deception: #fanwinFake Sriracha at a Restaurant in New York City 6. Seen on NYC subway. Top ad is for plastic surgery and bottom ad is for NYU college enrollment.  Two different ways to better your life? Same slogan! #juxtaposition for the #fanwinDream Big Subway Advertisements in New York City 5. #fanwin for a prohibited action sign

Curb your Dog Sign in Central Harlem Curb your Dog Sign in Central Harlem

4.  Locksmith key chair #fanwin

Waiting chair at the locksmiths Waiting chair at the locksmiths

3.  Passive-aggressive NYC apartment note #fanfail

Type of note seen in apartment buildings all over NYC. Type of note seen in apartment buildings all over NYC.

2.  Own your style #fanwin

Plastic toy car? Plastic toy car?

1.  Musical Saw in the Atlantic Subway Stop #fanwin for sure

Live musical saw by Moses Josiah Live musical saw by Moses Josiah


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