Expensive New York City Prices

New York is an expensive city.  Included below is a collection of the prices that New Yorkers pay everyday and don’t stop twice to think about it.

New York is an Expensive City to Live

-2 plastic spray bottles for $30.  Repeat that 3 times and see if that makes it any better.  Evo Oil Sprayer

-1 quart of freshly squeezed blood orange juice for $12.99.  Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

-It’s Sicilian pistachio spread.  From Sicily.  So, $36.99 because, well, New York and New Yorker’s can’t be doing that Peter Pan stuff.

-I paid $83 dollars for a month of electricity.  That’s lighting my entire apartment for 30 days.  For only $7 more dollars, I could get this candle.


$90 candle in NYC

-Now you can pay New York City bar prices from the convenience of your 450 square foot apartment. $26.99 for a 4 pack of beer.  Why hadn’t beer companies thought of this earlier?

Expensive Beer in New York Grocery Store

In most cities you can get a bottle of JD for $26.99

-Not your everyday chicken egg but at $12/dozen for Wild Turkey Eggs, $7/dozen for Pheasant Eggs, and $4/each (or $48/dozen) for Goose Eggs, NYC is not messing around with breakfast, custards and souffles.

Wild Turkey Goose and Phesant Eggs

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham….but a Goose Egg and Ham?  That I’ll try.

-I grew up eating fish in a can.  This takes that affordable family meal to another level.  Smoked Chinook Salmon at $25 per can.

Canned Smoked Shinook Salmon


-Remember when garlic wasn’t $40 per pound?  This might be one of those food window shopping situations.

Black Garlic

Garlic…but fancier

-Online I can buy a jar of peanut butter for $2.58.  Jar of Welch’s Grape Jelly $2.00.  Loaf of white bread $1.65.  Enough ingredients to have PB&J for a week, $6.23.  Or you can spend $6 for a fancy one in the city.


Missing #skippy and #wonderbread days

-Charentais melon (fancy cantaloupe) $8/each.  Yes they are an heirloom variety but the summer cantaloupe of my youth for a couple dollars will also do.

Bow before the fanciest melon of them all

Bow before the fanciest melon of them all

-Are your culinary creations suffering from a general lack of pizazz? Well, you can fix that with Bottarga Tuna (cured fish roe) for only $140.80/lb.

Salted Cured Tuna Roe

Salted Cured Tuna Roe

-Farmer’s Market popsicle made with fresh strawberries for $4.  Best popsicle I ever had.

Tri Star Strawberry Popsicles

Not the Otter Pops of your childhood

-The wooden spoon your Italian Grandma used to make sauce when you were growing up is priceless, this wooden spoon is just pricey at $55.Andrea Brugi Wooden Spoon-A $90 Espresso cup.  Because drinking your Espresso in an $89 cup would just be silly.

$90 Espresso Cup

$90 Espresso Cup

-Introducing the high-end mini sandwich for $5.50.  For scale, look at the paperclip in the photo (sandwich was approximately 1 inch wide by 6 inches long.)Serrano Ham Sandwich on Ficelle Bread at Le District in Battery Park City

-Sliced mango in a cup, $8.99/lb.  Because sometimes you just have to treat yourself.Sliced Mango at Le District in Battery Park City

-Grilled Zucchini from Italy, $16/lb.  Yes, they came from 3,700 miles away but local zucchini and a Weber grill might do the trick just as well.

Italian Grilled Zucchini at Dean and Deluca in Soho NYC

Grilled Zucchini for $16/lb

-Milkshake for $4.50.  While the price initially wasn’t surprising, when the shake arrived the size was noticed.  Lime included for scale.

Milkshake = $$$ in Manhattan

Milkshake = $$$ in Manhattan

-A city obsessed with succulents….and more than willing to pay a premium.  Seen downtown in Soho, this approximately 3in plant is retailing for $6!$6 Succulent at Dean and Deluca in SoHo

-Found in an Upper West Side hardware store, a $19.99 storage bin.  Priced at 2 to 3 times more money than non nyc stores for the same container.

– In the market for  a 3-4 foot spruce tree?  For $125 dollars this 7 gallon potted tree can be all yours (ceramic pot not included.)

$125 for a 7 gallon potted Albert Spruce tree

$125 for a 7 gallon potted Albert Spruce tree

-Stop by your local plant store and pick up a succulent garden……for $99.99

Expensive Succulents In Manhattan

$99.99 for a small succulent garden

– A $72 dollar turkey

$72 dollar turkeys are roaming the grocery stores of NYC

$72 dollar turkeys are roaming the grocery stores of NYC

– Halloween Pumpkin.  $36.

A $36 pumpkin in Manhattan

A $36 pumpkin in Manhattan

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  1. Ya spends your money as you earn it. Saving for a rainy day. Orโ€ฆin debt forever, or, in debt for a good time. I’ll take a walk in the garden. Stretch. Take a deep breath of fresh air and go back to work. Thanks for the interesting and inspirational post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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