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Yes, Free Haircuts in New York City, including Brooklyn & Queens

Getting a free haircut and color in New York City sounds impossible, right? Not so. If you’re willing to act as a ‘hair model’ for a stylist-in-training, you can get high quality services at brand name salons including Aveda, Bumble & Bumble and Cutler. Each salon has its own rules for who can participate in the ‘hair model’ program (for example, some want curly hair, some want colored hair) and how much it costs (at many, the customer pays absolutely nothing, and at others, there is a small charge.)

The LEGO Master

If you had 80,000 LEGO bricks at your disposal, what would you do with them? Corporate lawyer turned artist Nathan Sawaya used his to build a 19-foot long dinosaur that’s currently on display with dozens of his LEGO sculptures at Discovery Times Square, an exhibition center on West 44th Street. The dinosaur is one of the largest sculptures he’s ever made.

Is your apartment suffering from ‘predecessor chi’?

By Denise Oliveira Messes from prior tenants; contractors who took way longer than promised; exhausting interactions with brokers; nightmarish packing and moving experiences; not to mention your own baggage: These are a few of the negative vibes that some New Yorkers want to erase from their apartments before […]

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