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Fresh Pumpkin Bread with Zante Currants

This pumpkin bread has a perfect balance of spice and sweetness.  The rehydrated Zante currants are what put this dish in a category of its own and why you should bring this to your next Fall themed party with friends.  

Old New York and Homemade Sourdough Bread

Disregard the fact there are 3 grocery stores within half a mile of my apartment.

Throw out the knowledge there are 2 bakeries, countless bodegas and Seamless ready to handle all my restaurant delivery needs.

Let’s take it back to ’79 (1879) when people were making their own food at home.

Challenge accepted.

Urban Garden Center: Eden Under a Harlem Bridge

You look up and your eye follows the length of the train bridge overhead.  Above you, passing on those tracks are Metro-North trains taking passengers up to White Plains, along the Hudson and over to Connecticut.

Your lower your gaze and it front of you is a long path of greenery, found at the Urban Garden Center.  It is a garden of eden on 116th street and Park Avenue.  Surrounded by the city, you are standing amongst trees, flowers, succulents, vegetable and herb sprouts.

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