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Sweet Chicken Sausage and Kale Soup

This is a rich and full bodied soup that is perfect for a chilly fall afternoon.  An additional benefit is it’s made in a slow cooker and perfect for people who are busy but want to come home to a delicious meal.

3 Squash Soup: Calabaza, Amber Cup and Kabocha

There are so many varieties of squash in season right now.  I am most familiar with a handful such as Butternut, Acorn and Delicata.  However, there are many other’s I always look at but then walk right past.  I decided to make a squash soup using different squash I don’t normally buy and the end result was great.

These three squash; Kabocha, Calabaza and Amber cup work really well together. There is a natural mild sweetness in this soup which I really enjoyed.