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Morita Chili Pepper Beef Kabobs

Morita Chili Pepper Beef Kabobs have a ton of flavor and are great for a backyard bbq. The Morita chili is a smoked red jalapeno pepper similar to a Chipotle but has a mixture of heat and sweetness.  It works perfectly with the beef and is sure to be a fan favorite.

Ponzu and Hot Italian Pepper Marinated New York Strip

It’s Summer so there are only two things you need to concern yourself with; some type of fire powered grilling device and ingredients to sear over aforementioned fire.  If you live in New York, there are actually designated areas you can bbq in the city.  You can also make due with a broiler in your oven or grill pan.

The Ponzu in this marinade has a salty-citrus flavor that pairs well with the heat from the Italian peppers.

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