Springtime in The City

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Spring came early to New York this year.  Tulips and daffodils are popping up all over the city and people are shedding their coats to try and get a little color on their pasty winter skin.  The average New Yorker is in such a good mood they are willing to forgo such egregious missteps as walking slowly on the side walk or bumping into someone because you were busy taking pictures of a reflection on a tall glass building.   Miscues such as those will normally get you told off but not for these first few weeks in March.

If you find yourself in town I would recommend a few places to visit.

1.  The Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Not only can you check out the Brooklyn Museum and Garden during the same visit but their decorative orchard of Cherry Blossom trees will be in full bloom.

2.  Riverside Park located on on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  There are a few paths that travel up and down the Hudson and through Riverside Park.  You can see all the flowers in the park and then stop by the Boat Basin off 79th street for a view of the river and some cold Corona’s.  Another place in the park is the Hudson Beach Cafe on 105th street in the park.

A few notes about each place.  Boat Basin is a lot of fun but can get crowded so get there early.  Also, it is less of a bar and more of a business that operates under an overpass so if the weather is bad, they won’t be open.  Hudson Beach Cafe is a little more relaxed and located in Riverside Park across from a dog run where all the Upper West Siders bring their family pet.

3.  Central Park (obvious choice, I know.) – However, I would venture to the north side of the park.  Take the 2/3 train to the 110 stop in Harlem which is also the top of the park and work your way down.  You will get off at the Harlem Meer which is large pond/lake where you can actually fish (and yes, they have free gear for you.)  If you head down on the West Side you can visit a nice little pond called The Pool or head to the East Side for the Conservatory Garden which is very photogenic.

Enjoy Spring in the City.

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