The Jane – West Village – 113 Jane St.

By Melissa Limberg

A lot of my friends ask me if I feel like I’m on Gossip Girl because I live in NYC.  The answer is usually an overwhelming urge deep inside of me to slap them and ask them why they still watch Gossip Girl, and then I say “Not really…”  However, I always feel like I’m having a Gossip Girl-esque life when I’m at the Jane Hotel.


As a personal rule I try not to go to hotel bars because, well, I’m not a freaking tourist. But, at 113 Jane St you’ll find the most whimsical and chic place in the West Village.  You won’t even realize it’s a hotel bar.  Bohemian, old world, classical, high end… there really is no shortage of adjectives you could use to describe the scene at The Jane lounge.  Music is more pop than house, which is completely fine with me, a lot of remixes and mash-ups.  It kind of feels like you just walked into a huge house party at a mansion – young and carefree vibe is felt by all who enter there.  The drinks are typical of West Village pricing, but this is the kind of ambiance I am happy to pay for.  There are several different bar areas you can find yourself into at the expansive Jane, but the best area is the large “living room” where there are over-sized leather couches, plush chairs covered in velvet, and rich mahogany coffee tables.  These tables aren’t just for putting your drinks on, they stand a bit lower to the ground and it’s almost a faux pas if you don’t get up and dance on them.

The dark club lighting mixed with the decor creates somewhat of a dream sequence and feels so dramatic, it truly delivers a posh experience.  The one drawback about the Jane is that you may not always get in – there will be a line – but it will be worth it.  Good things come to those who wait, eh? Dress to impress here, because if you don’t you’ll be the only one who didn’t.  Also, take note that your cell phone will probably not get reception inside The Jane, and they request that you go outside if you need to use it.  When you’re there, though, you won’t want to be sitting and reading Twitter, you’ll want to be indulging in this amazing venue.

Whenever I have someone in town this is a key place to take them; it delivers an experience like no other that they will be raving to their friends back home about.

*Photos courtesy of The Jane Hotel

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