3 Stops in 9 Blocks – Mini Tour

By Seth Fera-Schanes

What do the Union Square Green Market, ABC Home & Carpet and Flatiron building all have in common?  I don’t think it is a stretch to say all are unique places and worth a visit.  They also all happen to be within a 9 street block stretch that fits really nicely into a quick morning tour when friends and family come into the city.

1.  Union Square Green Market (Farmer’s Market) – Brings together vendors from around NY, NJ and CT.  The amount and quality of produce is incredible; you will see NYC chefs buying goods for their restaurants.  I usually go on Saturday and this is the first stop on our mini-tour.  Word to the wise, get there early (early being 9 or 10am on a Saturday as you will probably have been out late the night before.)  The market does get crowded and you might have to navigate your way through NYU students, recently let out yoga classes and the few stray hipsters that forewent their own market in Brooklyn for Union Square.  Bring cash and get ready to buy.  I highly recommend the $1 Finnish Ruis Bread rounds to eat on the go along with either hot apple cider or ice tea depending on the season.

Location: 14th St. and University Place (Union Square Subway stop)

2.  ABC Carpet & Home – The next stop on our tour is an interior design store.  Stay with me for a moment if this normally isn’t your thing.  ABC is 6 stories of cool.  Art, unique furniture designs from around the world all set up in an inviting atmosphere.  Many items are not for a normal budget and  I like to check price tags – some of which make me see $$$ like in old Warner Bros. cartoons.  This is a fun store and will give you and your guests plenty to talk about.  Just a note, there is a smaller ABC carpet only directly across the street so make sure you go to the main store.

Location: 881 Broadway, New York, NY (Between 18th and 19th St. on Broadway Ave.)

3.  The famous Flatiron rounds out our trip.  A photogenic building set in the historic Flatiron district, this is must see spot on a trip to NYC or when you are just cruising around on a random weekend.  Take some pictures and then head across the street to Madison Square Park to sit and people watch.  You can also go half a block down the street to Eataly for a huge selection of Italian food items to take out or dine in.

Location: 1 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010

Three stops in nine blocks, check them out and let us know what you think.

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