West Village Beer Night

By Michael Ibrahim
124 Old Rabbit Club: 124 MacDougal St New York, NY 10012

Here is a classic hole in the wall place that is hidden in the middle of the busiest part of MacDougal street.  There are no signs for this bar so you might have to look around a bit.  The only indication that this bar is there is a small painting of a rabbit on the top corner.

The bar itself has such a cool ambiance.  With limited lighting the darkness makes the place feel like the olden days of prohibition with people hiding to drink illegally.  The beer selection is very good.  They have a wide variety of German and Belgian beers.  This is really a fun place if you want to hide from all the chaos outside.  While not the cheapest place in the world, it is somewhat reasonably priced.  Just a note, this old school bar only accepts cash.

Peculier Pub: 145 Bleecker St (between Laguardia Pl & Thompson St) New York, NY 10012

I think what really attracted me to this bar is simply the wide variety of beers it has.  They have beers from so many different countries ranging from Albania to Ecuador and from Latvia to Sri Lanka.  This place is perfect for those who love to taste new beers and those who want to taste beer from different countries without having to travel there.

The Peculier pub is reasonably priced and they offer pub food.  Just beware this place only accepts cash.

The Half Pint: 76 West 3rd street, New York, NY 10012
So by this stage of the night you had a couple of beers, maybe one or both are a little strong and so it is time to eat.  To be more specific, it is time to eat a burger and some fries.  The half pint has a good selection of burgers and pub food. I have eaten there numerous times and never been disappointed.  I recommend the Half Pint half pounder which is a delicious burger and hits the spot!

As for the beer, the Half Pint does not disappoint!  They have a good selection of world wide beer but more specifically they have a really good selection of beer brewed locally in the United States!  Personally I like to drink an IPA whilst eating a burger.  For me, an Arrogant Bastard or a Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA are personal favorites. The Half Pint is a must stop to eat something before having your next beer!

The Blind Tiger: 281 Bleecker street, New York, NY 10014

One thing that’s wrong with the West Village and it is only becoming more obvious to me as I get older; the kids.  And by that of course I mean people in their low to mid 20’s, so I am starting with a negative point but this place has a lot of those “kids.”  However, if you don’t mind then this place is not too bad.  They have a good beer menu and whilst it is usually very very busy, it is a fun place to grab a quick beer on your West Village beer night.

Vol De Nuit: 148 W 4th St (between Avenue Of The Americas & W Washington Sq) New York, NY 10012

Vol De Nuit (Night Flight) is the perfect way to end your West Village beer night.  The cool thing about this bar is that it feels like a big party, and while there are still those “kids” in this bar, somehow it doesn’t really matter.  Perhaps this is because you have already had 5-6 beer at this stage of the night, some of which are Belgian Trappist which contain 10% alcohol level.

The Vol De Nuit has a good Belgian beer list and it is a very spacey bar.  You wouldn’t feel suffocated and this place is perfect for a nightcap.

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