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Artichoke Hearts On Pizza

Artichoke hearts, spinach and white sauce on a pie? This is the slice that made Artichoke Basille’s standout in a city filled with pizza joints (think every derivative of Ray’s Famous Pizza.)

I always wanted to give the place a try but generally just walked right past the front door.  The reason you ask?  Artichoke Basille restaurant in the East Village is always so crowded.  While this speaks volumes for the establishment,  I didn’t want to be inconvenienced and wait a few minutes for my food.

However, there is a second location of this hot spot in Chelsea and I happened to walk by the other day before the lunch crowd settled in. This was my chance so I stopped in to order a slice.  There are other pizzas available such as meatball and plain but I wanted the famous original. After the first bite, I understood the appeal. This is a little thicker than your typical NYC slice and the white sauce (I was skeptical at first) worked really well. Also, the Chelsea restaurant has a selection of beer and TVs so this a great place to meet up with friends.

Artichoke Basille’s just made a new FAN. If you are in the city, do yourself a favor and wait a few minutes to get this great slice.

Three locations:

East Village – 328 East 14th Street New York, New York 10012

Chelsea – 114 Tenth Avenue New York, New York 10011

Greenwich Village – 111 MacDougal Street New York, New York 10012

Artichoke Basille's in NYC

Artichoke Heart, Spinach and White Sauce Pizza

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