Hamilton Heights

Alexander Hamilton House on 141st Street

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Alexander Hamilton; a Founding Father of the United States, Secretary of the Treasury (and much, much more) had owned a large tract of land in Upper Manhattan and built an estate on it called The Grange.  I am going to pause for a moment and let that seep in.  On 141st street which is about 15 minutes from midtown Manhattan is the house of Alexander Hamilton and it is open for public tours; how cool is that?

The house is a registered National Historic Landmark, sits in St. Nicholas Park (which is its third location within the Hamilton property) and the park service offers free guided tours.

I would recommend getting a group of friends together and heading up on the weekend for a nice historical outing.  The tours are approximately 1 hour long and you can see the schedule on the parks service website.  Make sure you stay and watch the two short videos about how the house was moved to its current location and a brief history of Hamilton.

After the tour you can walk around City College which is adjacent to the property and has some beautiful architecture.  Once you are done with that, head a few blocks north and check out the historic Hamilton Heights neighborhood with it’s classic brownstones and historic churches.

Make sure to bring a camera because this is a photo worthy excursion.

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