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Is ACME Smoked Fish Open To The Public?

Yes, ACME Smoked Fish Co., located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been in operation since 1906 and is open to the public on specific days.  I discovered the factory when I was walking around the neighborhood and saw a line of trucks with the ACME label.  I also started smelling a nice mix of brine and sweet smoke in the air which led me to the doors of this NYC institution.

I saw people regular people entering through one of the factory doors and decided to follow them.  What I discovered was a small retail space inside the facility which is open to the public but only on Friday’s from 8am to 1pm.  The line was long but looking around and seeing all that fish was incredible so I decided to wait it out.ACME Smoked Fish

If you want to make this visit, ensure you are having friends over for a meal that weekend because you are definitely going to overbuy.  There are different salmon preparations such as cold smoked and hot smoked as well as a range of rubs and marinades.  They also have other fish such as herring or trout (and more) and various cuts such as collars (but I decided to purchase the fish tails.)  The staff are incredibly friendly and if you aren’t familiar with the terms or tastes, they will help guide your selection.

ACME Smoked Salmon

ACME Smoked Fish

The next time you have a Friday morning off from work, definitely stop by ACME (and bring cash because they don’t take plastic.)





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