The Life of a Christmas Tree in NYC

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Starting immediately after Thanksgiving, Christmas tree stands spring up all over the city.  The fresh Noble and Douglas pines are trucked in from Canada and in typical NYC fashion are not cheap.  I have seen 7 foot trees selling for $130 (no joke.)

For the next month these trees are decorated, adored and then ultimately discarded; and that is the life cycle of a Christmas tree in the city.  Essentially, this is commonplace for every city across the country with the exception of the “discard” part.

In New York, when people take down their tree, they place it right on the curb.  This is followed with another tree and another until there are piles of Christmas trees on every corner around the city.  It is quite a sight to see and if you find yourself in the city at the beginning of January, you will experience this first hand.

And in case you were wondering, there is a collection that happens on a few designated days where all the trees are gathered up and turned into mulch and used in the parks around the city.

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