New York City

You Can’t Do That Here!

By Seth Fera-Schanes

New York City, home of the “anything goes” mentality apparently has its limits.  I am not going to use this post to discuss the smoking ban, 20oz soda ban or any other large government initiatives.  Basically, I was walking around and saw a lot of signs that notified residents and passersby of the rules and restrictions in the neighborhood in which they found themselves.

This is just the start of my list and it will grow over time.

You can’t do that here….

Fairly commonplace; just to ease us into this.

We have seen this sign before but just to reiterate the point.
No Trespassing

In case kids wanted to have some fun….No Ball Playing

I like this one because it bans carriages and that reminds me of old New York.
No Loitering

No sitting on stoop! No peddling!  And my personal favorite, No Radio Playing!  Please refrain from enjoying yourself and have a nice day, thank you.No Carriages

Can I stand here for a minute?  Nope…

No Standing

Why is your dog swimming in Central Park?

No Dogs in Water

Let the wildlife get their own food.

Do Not Feed WildlifeDo you have a bike and need a place to lock it up?  Not here.
Do Not Attach Bikes To This RailStoop sitting?  How about no sitting.
No Sitting on Stoop AllowedI can’t even lock my bike up?No Bicycle ParkingKeep those cute canines close folks.  No Dogs Off Leash

The city respectfully requests you visit and spend money at one of the thousands of restaurants in the 5 boroughs.  Please, under no circumstances cook your food outside and enjoy a nice day in the city parks.  No Barbecuing or Open Fires

This one feels appropriate. No Idling Sign

The sharp edges were an indicator that one should not sit on this fence and the sign is really just there to confirm….  But really, you can’t even sit by a tree anymore?

Keep Off No Sitting

When did hair braiding and BBQ become an arrestable offense?
No Hair Braiding

No cooking?  Really?!?  We can even eat around here anymore!No Cooking

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