Chocolate by Cisse Trading Company

By Seth Fera-Schanes

New York has earned it’s moniker as a food city.  We have everything from quintessential international dishes to new American to one of the most loved of all; dessert.  And what dessert reigns supreme?  Chocolate.  Residents of this city have a healthy obsession with chocolate and they have my full support.  Serendipity has its frozen hot chocolate, Jacques Torres does truffles and there is an incredible new wave of indie chocolate bar makers coming out of Brooklyn.

Within the New York City area, there is also Cisse (pronounced “see-say”) Trading Co.  Not only are they delivering a premium product but also “works closely with Fair Trade USA to purchase ingredients that ensure our farmers and their families are always paid a premium price for their harvests, and has developed a system that allows our consumers to fully trace the journey of their cocoa powder from bean to box.”

I was able to speak with the founder of Cisse, Diana Lovett and asked her a few chocolate-centric questions:

1. When did you start Cisse Trading Co.?
The products launched on store shelves in September 2012

2.What do you think differentiates your company from other chocolate companies?
Delicious taste that comes from our super high quality ingredients coupled with a commitment to responsible sourcing and supply chains.

3.What is your favorite chocolate dessert?
Double chocolate chip cookie topped with whip cream

4.Where can someone find your product?
Whole Foods, Union Market, King’s, Balducci’s. You can also check out a full list of carriers here.

Also submitted by Diana is this stellar Frozen Hot Cocoa drink recipe:

Frozen Hot Cocoa

Frozen Hot Cocoa

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  1. Great article. I am know in the mood for a serious chocolate dessert. Thanks RC!

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