Ultimate Fighting Championship In Times Square

By Seth Fera-Schanes

What do you get when you take The Octagon from UFC, place it in one of the most recognizable areas around the world, add two UFC pros in Jon Jones and Carlos Condit and then finish it off with 50 foot tall tv screens?  One hell of a marketing campaign, that is what you get.  EA Sports did just that this week with a battle royale of sorts. They set-up The Octagon and let the two pros virtually duke it out over the big screens which was actually a lot of fun to watch.

Times Square has long been used as a launching pad for new products, awareness campaigns, strolling Elmos and Batmans and about a few million tourists per year.  Did I also mention the small New Year’s Eve celebration held here annually?

Multiple times per month a new product is unveiled in this square with promises of celebrity sightings or free schawg.  Check the Times Square Alliance or just stop by and watch as all the fun unfolds.

*A special thank you to James Rose for the help identifying the two UFC pros.

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