Yeah Shanghai Deluxe and Vivi Bubble Tea

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Located at 50 Mott Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown, Yeah Shanghai Deluxe is a great restaurant to bring visiting friends or go for an after work dinner with your colleagues.  Offering a range of dishes including many dim sum options, I would recommend going family style and just letting everyone pick one item to share.  This is a restaurant where you should make an effort to get out of your culinary comfort zone.  With authentic preparation you will get the opportunity to try great examples of cultural dishes.

I would suggest you start with the jellyfish and pork soup dumplings.  If you have never tried the former, it looks like cold noodles and has a bit of a crunch.  I have tried jellyfish before but this was definitely the best.  As for the dumplings, simply place on your spoon, bite off the top and sip out the soup.  The insider’s tip is to let them cool for a minute because the rookie move is to pop them in your mouth which will result in a burn (and embarrassment when you just spit it out.)

After dinner, walk over to Vivi Bubble Tea for a little drinkable dessert.  For the uninitiated, bubble tea has tapioca balls which are slurped up through an extra large straw….it is basically a sweet tea with added texture and all around fun to drink.  Upon my friend’s recommendation I got the Q3 which has jelly in addition to tapioca (and no extra sugar because it is already sweet enough.)

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