A Cinnamon Cider Margarita

By Seth Fera-Schanes

A lime margarita, on the rocks, in a salt rimmed glass is a thing of summer beauty.  However, once the weather drops below 60 degrees, can you still order this drink?  Good question.  Yes, but for some reason it wouldn’t taste the same as when you are lounging by an outdoor pool with friends.

However, what if someone took that classic drink and made a few seasonal adjustments.  What if that individual was such a master mixologist they incorporated fresh apple cider, cinnamon infused tequila and rimmed the glass with a cinnamon and sugar combo?   Well, that person does exist and they did make a delicious Fall themed margarita.

Introducing the Cinnamon Cider Margarita:

Cinnamon Cider Margarita

Cinnamon Cider Margarita

Drink recipe and photo courtesy of Great Performances located in New York City

Service size – 1

Preparation time – 5 minutes


1.5oz. Cinnamon infused tequila

2.5oz. Bosch Pear and Apple Cider

Splash Grand Mariner

Cinnamon sugar


Add Cinnamon infused Tequila, your favorite local cider and a splash of grand mariner for flavor to a glass with ice.

Strain and pour.

Garnish with fresh apple and pear slices with a Cinnamon sugar rim.

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