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Venison Schnitzel

By Seth Fera-Schanes

One of the advantages to living in New York City is the wide range of food items, sourced from all over the world, that are easily accessible just about anytime you want them.  Have a craving for Durian fruit from Thailand?  Consider it done.  Simply head down to Chinatown and pick one up; just be careful where you open it.  Want to roast a whole lamb?  Butcher shops in Queens have got you covered.  How about sashimi grade fish from Japan?  Well, the New Fulton Fish Market at Hunts Point in the Bronx has all you need so long as you are willing to get there before sunrise.

There is quite a bounty of wild and far reaching food in the city.  However, some of them do come in at premium prices.  I had been wanting to make venison for awhile but after speaking with two separate butchers who charged between $30/lb and $35/lb I decided to wait for a bit.

The waiting paid off when a friend from Virginia was able to bring back some fresh deer meat for me to try.  He brought 2 pounds of venison tenderloin so I probably owe him a thank you card for the $70 gift.

Below are some pics of the Venison Schnitzel with homemade cranberry sauce (made with cranberries from the farmer’s market on 116th Street and Broadway.)

Raw Venison TenderloinVenison Schnitzel with Homemade Cranberry SaucePlated Venison Schnitzel

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