New York Entrepreneur Chris Panaghi Makes Music His Business

By Nick Christophers

DJ Chris Panaghi

DJ Chris Panaghi

Proud to be from Long Island, New York, Chris’ early love of DJ’ing led to his start as a local DJ, working various nightclubs and social events. From the infamous Metro 700 in Franklin Square to the chic Garden City Hotel Club Blu and The Dallenger, Chris has been entertaining dance enthusiasts for over two decades. He has managed to be creative in the DJ world as well as branching out into the music business.

During his twenty plus years in the industry, Chris Panaghi has seen first-hand the transition from vinyl to CD and now into the digital space. Within these years he has learned to adapt in the ever-so-changing musical world. He is the CEO of Amathus Music and is always on the pulse of what’s to come. Chris realized early on the importance of achieving close ties with key international leaders in the music industry. Those ties have enabled him to form new business connections to a worldwide audience.

“Music is truly global. The music industry keeps on changing and I welcome new opportunities as they present themselves.”

Chris Panaghi manages to stay busy on the creative-front by working in the studio with A-List talent. Most recently he has collaborated with talented producers such as: Josh Harris, Zilos and Mike “Thunder” Pennino. One exciting highlight is when Chris and Josh developed the idea of the group Kosca while blending their musical magic. Kosca’s new releases include “Let Me Hear The Music Play” and “Running Out Of Time” which are both making a lot of noise, as “Let Me Hear The Music Play” has currently charted on the iTunes Top Dance Songs Chart which has them fielding offers internationally. Another key development is when Chris and Zilos created the group Tius to work on new collaborations. It was only after releasing several tracks that Tius created quit the buzz within the EDM community.

“I have always enjoyed creating music with other talented artists.”

Chris has never forgotten where he came from. Always one to embrace local New York talent, he is constantly searching for fresh new artists to deliver chart topping hits. Judging from his past accomplishments and ability to adapt to the changing times, Chris Panaghi remains a force in the music business!

To keep up with Chris Panaghi visit his websites: Chris the Greek and Amathus Music.

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