Best Seasonal Drinks In NYC

By Baha Awadallah

When the holidays come, so do the holiday drinks. I’m not just talking about hot chocolate or Starbucks’ Gingerbread lattes. I’m talking about holiday themed cocktails. There are all types of holiday cocktails from spiked eggnog to your classic mulled wine.

New York City has a large number of bars serving all kinds of holiday themed cocktails. The wide range of holiday cocktails in the city is mouthwatering and interesting. Here are a few holiday cocktails at several of New York City’s best bars:

Is It Good at Evelyn Drinkery – 171 Ave C between 10th and 11th St, $12

The Is It Good? at Evelyn Drinkery is a very innovative and unique holiday cocktail. The drink looks somewhat like a chocolate milkshake but it is in fact a rye, rum and Redemption whiskey infused cocktail with Angostura bitters and cardamom-laced pomegranate syrup. The cocktail is topped with matcha foam. Matcha is a powdered green tea and it gives the cocktail a warm and caffeinated boost.

Great Pumpkin at PDT –  113 St. Marks Pl between First Ave and Ave A, $15

Everyone loves pumpkin flavored drinks in the Fall and Winter. So why not try a pumpkin flavored cocktail? The Great Pumpkin at PDT in New York City is a great take on the pumpkin flavored drink craze. The cocktail is flavored with nutmeg, the traditional spice used in almost every pumpkin flavored drink, Rittenhouse rye and Vermont maple syrup. The cocktail is supposed to give off a pumpkin pie flavor with apple brandy and pumpkin ale being added to the mix. A whole egg is also shaken into the cocktail. Some people may be a little iffy about drinking a raw egg but it just gives the cocktail a frothy and creamy flavor.

The Drunken Egg Potion at David Burke – 133 E. 61st St., between Lexington and Park Avenue

We’ve all had and loved spiked eggnog but The Drunken Egg Potion at David Burke and Donatella’s is a whole new take on the traditional spiked eggnog. The cocktail is made with Goldschlager, bourbon and cognac and a buttery spice. After the drink is made and brought to you, the bartender lights it aflame right before your eyes and serves it in a huge ostrich egg. Be prepared to share this massive cocktail with someone, since the egg it is served in holds two servings of the drink.

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