Profiles at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Included below are 26 profile images from artwork found throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met.)  I decided to get lost in the Met over the weekend, an activity I would encourage anyone to do, and brought my camera with me.

For continuity, I took all pictures with a focus on the right side of the face.  The materials for each piece have a broad range from metal to porcelain, stone to stained glass.

Blue Eyed Figure at the MetAbraham Lincoln Side Profile at The Metropolitian Museum of ArtEarthenware Lion at the MetStained Glass Side Profile at the MetFalcon at the Egyptian Wing of the MetFemale Sculpture at The MetGlazed Porcelain at the MetMasked Porcelain Figure at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York CityLion at the Egyptian Wing of the MetLooking out over the courtyard at the MetMetal Profile at the MetMetal Sculpture at The MetMetropolitan Museum of Art in NYCReligious Sculpture at the MetSculpture at The Met in New York CitySevered Head at The Metropolitan Museum of ArtSide Profile of a Bear at The MetSide Sculpture Profile at the MetSingle Stone Head at the MetSoft lines at the MetStone Lion at the MetStone Sculpture at The MetTemple of Dendur at the METTemple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe Met in NYCThe Met Museum

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