Hip Hop Recording Artist Releases New Album “Character”

By Nick Christophers

CHARACTER-ALBUM-COVER-2014ETCETERA is an artist that offers talent, style, charisma and emotion in every move he makes. His new album “Character” is a blend of all those elements and more. The eleven tracks that grace this album are ripped from the pages of his life and put out there for his fans. We will take a journey with him through these tracks one beat at a time.

You are first introduced to “E True Stories,” a track which gives us an inside look at the bond between mother and son. It brings us on the stage of life where self-esteem means so much. In the second verse we are offered some knowledge on how to keep true to yourself and never let the game beat you; which was sound advice from departed friend Guy Staley aka Big Man who was ETCETERA’s right hand man.

Then we move onto “Fast Life” which gives us a history lesson on how Etcetera had evolved from Underground Hip Hop to commercial music. From there ETCETERA builds up the track highlighting his success in the business, a real motivational track from start to finish. This is also true on “Get Up” the track that digs deep into the environs of rap and hip hop. It’s sort of “stand up and notice” the real talent in the room.

ETCETERA does not shy away from expressing his feelings in a romantic way either. He does this with tracks “I Do”, “I’M Leaving” and “Sin City” each one tangles with the strings of love and romance. He offers the lessons of love and how each case affected his CHARACTER. In-between all this emotion we are hit with a bat with “I Love This Chick” which is a different twist on love. ETCETERA reads us the pitfalls men face when they go after the “bad girl” and the consequences that come with it.

He does not let off on the pedal when he gives us “City Of Churches” a sort of tour through the tough streets of Brooklyn. The booming beats and hard core anthem dedicated to his hometown. It is a riveting track that motivates you to rewind it and hear it again. Another track that delves into similar terrain is fan favorite “Yesterday”. This song offers the listener an inside look at the trials and tribulations he took before reaching where he is now. Here he pulls no punches with piercing lyrics full of conviction.

“What it Look Like” is a roller coaster ride of hip hop beats and harsh messages sprinkled with metaphors.  The most touching track is “Wish 4” which chronicles the emotional struggle he had to endure with his son. It is different track with an R&B feel that flows from beginning to end. The album touches upon all the different facets of ETCETERA’s life a secret doorway to every CHARACTER.

You can preview or download ‘Character’ on iTunes.

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