Madi Di: Young Artist with Unique EDM Style

By Nick Christophers

From Madonna to Lady Gaga there have been many artists trying to create an original image that is a reflection of them. It is not an easy task. Many have used sensationalism or some abstract way of introducing their music. But few have utilized their ethnic roots to showcase their talents. Yet Madi Di has done just that. The young, sexy and sultry singer has managed to fuse her Italian roots into modern dance music. Coming from a 100% Italian family is never an easy road given the strict family rules and regulations. But her father and mother both enjoyed music and encouraged Madi to swim in it and feel every ounce of magic it revealed.

Madi DiThe type of music that emanated from her household ranged between Inkuyo, Cocciante, and anything from Bob Marley to The Doors, to Michael Jackson, Louie Armstrong, Portugese Jazz and classic Italian folk music. Madi soon became one with the music that surrounded her. Even though she never received any formal training she learned music in an organic sense and immersed it into her everyday life.

“I believe that I moved forward with my music by constantly practicing, meeting new people, immersing myself into opera, theater, listening to new musicians , and always striving to develop myself as an artist. Absorbing music & art is a part of becoming an evolved musician and there is so much good talent to immerse oneself into out there; art is a gift. Artists share gifts to affect others’ lives, and I honor that from the point of a listener, and the perspective of an artist myself.”

Madi believes the fusion of Italian and American music is due to make its mark in dance music. From the heavy drums, up-tempo rhythms, exotic instruments/percussions or foreign scales she believes people respond worldwide to dance music. Currently there is a strong EDM (Ethnic Dance Music) movement in America and overseas and it would not be hard to believe that heavy tribal rhythms of Italian/Mediterranean dancey folk music cannot mesh with American electronic pop dance.

Besides singing and performing Madi is also a DJ. In the beginning she realized that booking herself to perform was not an easy task so she worked it out to mesh her DJing with her singing and it has paid off. She currently has a residency at the Hudson Water Club. But eventually she began to receive bookings at various venues. She has made appearances at many networking events and just recently performed at “Amazura” in Queens for the “1st Real Radio Show” USO Benefit Concert. There were many acts that took the stage like Korn, Guns N Roses, Sugarhill Gang, the Misfits, Adrenaline Mob, Twisted Sister and the Undead.

“The event itself was special because all of the proceeds were donated toward helping disabled Veterans in need of financial assistance toward their health & living. It was equally inspirational to meet the other striving Indie Acts, as well as musical icons Bumblefoot and Ray Luzier. Advanced Events, ran the audio & production for the event; they have worked with notable artists such as Alicia Keys, Nas, Drake & more; they have also provided sound for the Grammys. Owner of the company Burton Ishmael along with his team, did a stunning job for the USO Benefit. The sound was crystal, the energy in the room was undeniably bright and energized; it was a pleasure to perform here, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this show.”

Madi also has a unique dress code that borders on the Madonna-ish style. But she has recently adopted a darker more Mediterranean look that is closer to her roots. She favors the exotic using versed patterns and cuts to fit her body and at the same time infusing some youthful urban spice.  Her favorite clothing line to use is “Just Cavalli for Her” since it sums up her identity.

Her debut single “Inside His Eyes” had begun to create a buzz. Not long after the single’s release she came out with a video to accompany the track. The single has multiple remixes that bring you a different flavor to the original. Madi plans on injecting warm bright keys, attractive vibrant rhythms & effects with some Italian words into some of her songs. Madi sneaks in cultural influence within her demographic through art and style. Madi’s new single “Candy Fire” was just released. She worked on the track with Miami based duo “Chron”, where she sings along with Christiana in a harmonic female duet. The production was executed by Jdub & Josh Rodriguez. The new EDM single is out on all the music stores like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc.

You can follow Madi Di on facebook and check out more of her work on soundcloud.

For the summer of 2015 Madi Di will be performing at a two day festival in Brooklyn called “JulyBalaya” on July 3rd.  Also this coming September she will be performing at the Indie Artist Showcase hosted by the owner of Reverbnation, alongside spokesperson Todd Wharton of LTC (Local Talent Connect); this will be held at the ‘Highline Ballroom’ of NYC. Madi is the “Italian Stallion” of the EDM community and is looking to land one knock-out punch after another. 

“My goal from here on out is to keep performing singing dancing, building relationships and mainly booking gigs so that I can play and perform to mass audiences and move/affect them by sharing my lyrics and music with them. I hope that it touches their souls in such a way that people fall in love with music, escaping into mine as a form of peace, a form of affection. Stay tuned for more.”

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