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Green Girls Golf: Caddy and Golf Services Company on the Rise

By Nick Christophers

In the past 20 years women have become more involved in sports that seemed exclusively for men. Such major ones like football, soccer, hockey and now golf. What we mean by involved is not just playing the sport but being apart of the actual preparation. Model and spokeswoman Sophia Manolis decided to create a caddy service of models who are knowledgeable about the game. The organization Green Girls Golf began in an effort to host major events specializing in golf outings.

Sophia Manolis Owner of Green Girls GolfHer beauty and professionalism is without question an added bonus to her entrepreneurial spirit. For many years Sophia has managed to become a staple in the spokes modeling industry. She has hosted many events through her career like car shows, games and liquor events. The idea of developing an exclusive caddy service with models began in 2006 and was refined in 2007. Since then the business has grown and solidified its place among the golf world. It is the first North East caddy service and models of golf.

“I came with it in 2006 and then brought the concept to a business level in 2007. I started off with a golf event company and then decided to add a special service by having girls participate as a caddy for golf courses.”

Sophia’s model’s are trained and skilled to offer various services connected to the sport. Such needs like fixing divots, selecting the correct club, driving the caddy and any type of food service that is required. Their goal is to make the golfers game even more enjoyable with less hassle. It truly helps when the President of Green Girls Golf is passionate about the game and strives to improve a players game with every swing.

“The girls are trained through a golf professional and have to learn the etiquette and terms of golf but they have to be on point with everything from the way they walk, talk and treat every client. I have my own golden rules that I go by when it comes to serving the customer and making the experience memorable with us.”

GGG is a premier company that specializes in golf outings of all types. Besides the elite service the golf caddies are charming women that are skilled in the sport and the rules that dictate it. The company works mostly in the New York and New Jersey area but also have traveled to outings on the West Coast. Sophia herself is an avid player and was first introduced to the sport during a corporate outing. Then she was asked to be a private caddy for the Short Hills Golf course in New Jersey for a corporate group. Hence, the GGG idea was planted.

As mentioned earlier GGG has hosted and worked many kinds of events. One of their most memorable ones was for the Jaws Youth Book & Bright Smiles  with Ron Jaworski which was a charity for children that have disabilities and special needs. They have also worked at benefits, fundraisers and auctions.  Recently they took part in a cancer research charity for the Susan B. Yoskowitz Charity at the Crystal Springs Resort which targets a rare case of cancer.

Sophia has even come up with an award to the best model caddy called the Pro Certified Caddies of the Green. Her company is looking to expand overseas as well to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They will be available on courses that only cater to the wealthy and desire caddy women. The model caddies are certified in their field and professional in every aspect of the game. GGG is an innovative concept and due to make an impact on the elite game of golf. Green Girls Golf Company

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