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Where To Go For Great Salvadorian Food In Washington Heights

I find myself heading north into upper Manhattan more and more for great food options.  Washington Heights has a range of Latin America restaurants covering Dominican, Mexican and of course Salvadorian (amongst others.)

5 Estrella Pineapple Cake in Washington HeightsI would also say the best pineapple upside down cake in the city is found at 5 Estrella Bakery on 161st Street and Broadway (which is easily accessible by the 1, A and C lines.)  Not only is the cake moist, flavorful and all around delicious but for around $1.75/piece it’s the best value in town.  Full Access recommended bakery (times 10.)

Back to the task at hand.  La Libertad, a Salvadorian restaurant located between 156th and 157th streets on Broadway is by itself worth a trip to the neighborhood.  Peruse the menu and everything starts popping off the page as a must order.  I was there for lunch and kept things simple with a bean and cheese pupusa and chicken soup.  I think soups in general (and definitely chicken soup) provide good insight into a countries food culture.  This soup was nicely spiced with just a little heat and included pieces of Chayote.  The pupusa was gone in 15 seconds (and it wasn’t small) so I will use that as an indicator for my feelings on that dish.  What really stood out was the side of cole slaw that came with the papusa.  I am not sure if it was a cultural recipe but it ranks in my top 5 cole slaw experiences of all time.  The slaw had a vinegar base and fresh herbs that just jump around my mouth at every bite.

Bean and Cheese Pupusa with Cole Slaw

Pupusa with Side of Cole Slaw at La Libertad

El Salvadorian Chicken Soup

Salvadorian Chicken Soup with Chayote

I definitely recommend making the trip uptown to experience this great restaurant for yourself.

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