6 Pizza Restaurants You Should Visit In Harlem

This is our list of the 6 pizza restaurants you should visit when you are in Harlem.

1. Oui Oui (Central Harlem)– French for “Yes, Yes” and an additional yes please from me.  This is my go to delivery pizza place in Harlem for 2 reasons;  value and sauce.  It is the best priced pizza for the quality (meaning it’s above the low cost spots but also doesn’t come it at the level of a premium priced pie.)  The topping choices are pretty standard with cheese, vegetable, meat or a combo of the last two.  I get cheese 90% of the time.  Now on to the sauce question.  Oui Oui by default adds a good amount of sauce to their pizzas and it goes all the way up to the crust.  To me, a saucy pizza is always preferred and they hit the mark.

2. Patsy’s Pizzeria (East Harlem) –  Established in 1933.  I am going to let the 82 year history speak for itself on why Patsy’s made this list (and frankly should be on any must have pizza list across the 5 boroughs.)  Slices are $1.75 and they just keep cranking them out of their coal fired oven. I literally go to East Harlem to get 2 slices, eat them standing up in the shop and then go home.  It is that good.  An added bonus, if you need one, to make your way over to 117th street and 1st avenue is Target, Costco, Bob’s Furniture and more are located 2 avenues away so you can get some shopping in before or after you get your slices.

3. Sottocasa Pizzeria (Central Harlem) –  Order everything.  The Neapolitan style, wood fired pizzas are first rate.  The calzones are awesome.  The desserts (tiramisu and lemon custard cake with almond slices) to round out the meal are must orders.  In addition to the food, the restaurant is comfortable and casual, the staff are attentive and friendly and overall Sottocasa gets a high recommend.


4. Lexington Pizza Parlour (Spanish Harlem) – I like everything about this restaurant.  The interior is sparsely but well decorated.  The brick oven pies are just a perfect example of New York style with thin crust, quality cheese and great sauce.  Definitely recommend stopping by for a slice if you are in the neighborhood or making a trip over to get dinner with friends.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.57.43 PM

Lexington Pizza Parlour

5. Harlem Pizza Co. (Central Harlem) –  Small, casual pizza joint featuring personal pies and offering a range of topping combinations including some really fun options like smoked mozzarella and turkish beef sausage.  Perfect place for a weekend lunch with friends or picking up a pie on the way home if you live in the neighborhood.

Harlem Pizza Co

Harlem Pizza Co.

6. Babbalucci (Central Harlem) – Sicilian, wood fired pizza; consider me interested.  The name translates to ‘snail’ which are included in a number of dishes on the menu.  The restaurant itself is cozy with the brick oven as a focal point in the back.  The margherita pizza is well prepared and you get some of the charring from the oven which I like (there are other pizza toppings as well if you want something more involved.)  The restaurant offers a full menu and a bar so this would be a great location for dates.  Getting a pizza to split with your group and then ordering a few other items for individuals or to share is a good way to go.


Babbalucci’s Margharita Pizza


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