Caught in the Atlanta City Lights!

By Safaria Bell

A night through the city can bring wanderlust adventures! From the best Broadway shows, to top-notch restaurants. Who wouldn’t love an experience through the bright Atlanta city. If you’re in the mood for some high volume music, or cultural plays, Fox Theater is always packed with the best crowds to witness the best bands, or hosting tourist-friendly events! When it comes to fulfilling your taste buds, Atlanta doesn’t steer you wrong with its Southern, downtown way of flavor, packed foods. Be prepared to appreciate Atlanta’s ever-lasting roar, where the city is always loud, and humming with trains, and car engines. You’ll find yourself beginning to fall in love, and starstruck with Atlanta city beauty.

Atlanta CityAtlanta City - Image by Noreen via Instagram

Image by Noreen via Instagram

  If you have yet to experience a concert filled with a live audience, and hard-core beat drops, then Fox Theater in Atlanta is where it’s at. These music events will make you find your inner rock star, and turn beast mode with all the loud bases, and screaming crowds wanting more.
Fox Theater - Image by Amanda White via Instagram

Fox Theater: Image by Amanda White via Instagram 

Image by Amanda Myers via Instagram

Fox Theater: Image by Amanda Myers via Instagram

You can try something new with Atlanta’s budget-friendly restaurants that satisfy your cravings, and doesn’t make a dent in your wallet. There is a wide selection of good foods, with the best burgers, and the cheesiest pizzas. You’ll find that you’ll never go hungry in the city.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers Image by Juan Carlos Coppel via Instagram  
Hannah Juliano via Instagram

Palm Restaurant AtlantaJuan Carlos Coppel - Food                                                                                                                                                                                         Image by Juan Carlos Coppel via Instagram

Take a moment to capture Atlanta’s beauty, where the city can seize you with it’s wide views, and natural sceneries. Tourists will be inspired by the beautiful history behind every tall building.

Atlanta BuildingImage by Paula Gallego via Instagram          Image by Paula Gallego via Instagram

Piedmont ParkPiedmont ParkImage by Jeff Carper via Instagram

With legends that lived in the marvelous city, and historic events that occurred before, there is a lot you can learn about Atlanta. It is always good to take a moment, and learn your history. For example, if you didn’t know, Atlanta is where there were a series of major protests against racial segregation led by Martin Luther King Jr.

Fernbank Museum of Natural HistoryFernbank Museum of Natural History - Image by Thomas Gregory via Instagram

Image by Thomas Gregory via Instagram

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t wait to take a trip to Atlanta, Ga. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what takes place in Atlanta, it should be easy to settle any hesitations, or uncertainty about the city. Atlanta is a beautiful place to pursue your distant dreams, and make life happen. Don’t doubt the thrill the city will bring to your life. You’ll have countless adventure stories to share with all your friends, and loved ones who have yet to come to the city. Like you, soon they’ll know the trip will be well worth it!

Atlanta CityImage by Jeff Carper via Instagram

Image by Jeff Carper via Instagram


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