Major Ink in Atlanta

By Safaria Bell

In a world of tattoos, you have a steady flow of ink, and a plethora of designs from which to choose.  Atlanta gives you a wide horizon of talented artists who showcase and brand their work in the most well known tattoo studios! Take a peek at a few suggested studios to visit if you’re thinking of adding a little art to your body. [Header image by Presly via Instagram]

Memorial Tattoos
809 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Image by Memorial Tattoo Studio via Instagram Screenshot_2016-04-11-22-15-44-1-1-1Established in 2006, Memorial Tattoos has been providing its customers with all traditional styled ink. From Japanese styled to fine line, the crew of Memorial Tattoos creates and delivers high quality tattoos to ensure happiness to all their customers.Tattoo Fiesta
4166 Buford Hwy, Suite L-2 Atlanta, Ga 30345
Image by Tattoo Fiesta via Instagram  Screenshot_2016-03-27-19-56-53-1Now here is a tattoo studio that is strictly based on customer satisfaction. The artists of this tattoo studio believes that tattoos are a way of life expressed through art. These artists maintain a thriving business by building their credit in the tattoo industry. They offer a collections of styles, with water colors, portraits, and cover ups. They also provide permanent makeup tattoos.

Empyrean Tattoo Studio
8610 Roswell Rd #140, Atlanta, GA 30350
Image by Oscar Zornosa via InstagramScreenshot_2016-03-27-19-46-33-1Empyrean Tattoo studio is made up of originality and focuses on the birth of creativity. These artists bring their multiple talents to the table. This studio is where you’ll find realism and geometric styled tattoos all in the same place. This particular group of artists also do the sickest cover-ups that aren’t easy to find anywhere else.

Image by Oscar Zornosa via InstagramScreenshot_2016-04-11-22-45-01-1
Awesome Ink Studios
660 9th St. NW Suite D Atlanta, Ga 30318
Image by Presly via InstagramScreenshot_2016-03-27-19-44-36-1The craftsmen of Awesome Ink studios not only play, but work hard too. With their studio just being open since 2014, these tattoo artists go well beyond to ensure their work is displayed for the viewing pleasure of anyone just passing by. Their talents extend from custom pieces to realistic tattoos.

Image by Presly via InstagramScreenshot_2016-04-11-22-31-29-1These studios make a huge impression in the tattoo industry, and all have the same thing in common, bringing their customers phantasm to life. Be sure to give these studios a visit.

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