New York City

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Seth Fera-Schanes

This article is a continuation of an ongoing series about a community garden plot I am working on this season.

I am amazed at the growth of my garden.  In just a few weeks, the starter plants have really filled out and are racing toward the sky.  I even had the opportunity to take a few lettuce leaves, chives and cilantro and add to sandwiches and guacamole.  Pretty exciting start to the season.

There are about 20 other planter boxes in the garden so I have been taking the opportunity to see how everyone else is doing.  The range of vegetables is fun to see.  Everything from collards to tomatillos, sunflowers to strawberries.  The garden community also decided to put in a raspberry bush, peach tree and grape vines for everyone to share.

I typically check my box before work and when I get home.  I also know the more seasoned gardeners are probably helping me out when I am not around (adding a little extra water or making sure everything is in order.) It’s great to have a little community with people helping each other out.

Below are a few few pictures from the garden.



Overhead view of my planter box


My planter box with tomatoes and kale


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