Things to do in New York City

1-2 Combo: Adventure in Queens

I spent half a weekend afternoon in Queens eating, drinking (coffee) and snapping pics along the way. I think I have a great 2 stop trip in the borough the next time you have friends and family in town.

Museum of the Moving Image

Just a few stops from Manhattan off the N and Q trains.  The museum isn’t huge (i.e it’s not the Met) but if you have television and movie buffs in your group, you have to take them here.  There was a wide smile across my face as I walked through the 2 floors.  In part from nostalgia and also seeing the original sketches for movies or how a certain recognizable movie prop was made or make-up was applied is really cool.  A temporary exhibit was also set-up featuring arcade games from the 60’s through 90’s.  My $15 ticket also came with 4 tokens that let me play some of the games from my youth.  And don’t worry, you can buy more tokens to continue game play.Museum of the Moving Image in Long Islad CityMuseum of the Moving Image

Socrates Sculpture Garden

This place has been on my list for awhile.  You can see the space from Manhattan’s eastside as you look across the East River.  It’s one of those places I meant to visit but never made the time (like the Pepsi Sign in Long Island City.)  The park is on the smaller side but really comfortable and offers panoramic views of Manhattan’s skyscrapers.  Across the street is the Noguchi Museum (which I didn’t visit but am told it is worth a visit.)Piano Art at Socrates Sculpture GardenEast River View from Socrates Sculpture Garden

Note: while in Queens take advantage of the world cuisines (Greek, Egyptian, Indian and so many more.)  This is one of the best boroughs for a food tour.

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