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Best Brunch in Christchurch

By Kaitlyn Wylie

Brunch. I’m not the biggest fan of Maths, but the sum of breakfast + lunch is an equation everyone should get acquainted with. Brunch is the socially acceptable way to get away with two meals in one and to drink bubbles with eggs and hollandaise sauce – Winning. And quite frankly, my experience in the past few weeks has revealed that Christchurch City has many Brunch haunts worth a visit (or two.) Here are some top picks.

The Bicycle Thief:

The Bicycle ThiefRecently relocated and reopened after a 5 year hiatus, The Bicycle Thief has created a reason to go for a Sunday drive out of the city and to the tranquil setting of Old Tai Tapu Road. As soon as you step out of the car, you will hear birds chirping, smell the fresh air and admire the low Winter sun creating shadows with the trees – a real country escape. Greeted also by a crackling fire, a private booth table and a silky smooth Flat White made lovingly with Christchurch’s favourite Hummingbird Coffee, I chose the Mushrooms on House-baked Sourdough. I was pleasantly surprised by the smoky flavour of the mushrooms, complimented by the copious amounts of caramelized onion, pecorino, spinach and beurre blanc. The menu is affordable, yet foodie-friendly + hip – baked eggs, buzz-word granola, porridge with roasted almond milk and cashew cream and of course eggs on toast. Why not check out their Pizza + Dinner menu as well – multi-talented.

Supreme Supreme:

Supreme SupremeThis inner-city gem is my go-to for a quality espresso and build your own eggs on toast – that doesn’t break the bank. Eggs any way you like begin at 9 dollars and the add-ons are up to you, seasonal chutneys, streaky bacon, half an avocado (also seasonal) and smoky salmon, the choices are endless – as is the sparkling water. The building has a converted warehouse feel as it was once home to a Land Rover dealership – concrete floors, white walls and large windows that extend to the afternoon rays. Supreme Supreme is minimalist in its’ design, fresh and clean with a luminous ‘Double Happy’ sign visible as you walk in the door from Welles Street. And of course, the coffee originating from Wellington (the Coffee Capital of NZ) is delightfully strong and punchy.

Little Poms:

Little PomsWord on the brunch street was that Little Poms is the quote “only place to go for brunch in Christchurch” – I can now confirm this. The day time sibling of Popular Pub, Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn, Little Poms continues the theme of hearty-goodness in a non-flashy setting. Situated on the corner of Fitzgerald Ave and Kilmore st, it is just out of town, but the amount of people streaming in the door would not suggest this at all. I had the Grilled Halloumi dish – packed full of goodies; perfectly poached egg, avocado, smashed pea, broccolini, sugar snow peas and doused in toasted almonds. Absolutely Incredible. I am already dreaming of eating this meal again. Other favourites round the table included the Chilli Scrambled Eggs, Pomeroy’s Benny and House-Smoked Salmon.

Other highly recommended Egg + Espresso spots are as follows; The Monday Room on Moorhouse Ave, Mama Hooch on Colombo Street and Town Tonic in Addington.

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