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Pandan Cake: Singapore Recipe Tasting in Uptown Manhattan

I am always looking for new recipes to try (and ultimately set off the fire alarm in my apartment….)  It just so happened the incredibly talented Janness Koh who writes for our Full Access Singapore site had just what I was looking for with her Pandan Cake.

Growing up I knew it as Angel Food Cake.   My mom would bake this spongy dessert in the hollow center pan if we had company over and it was usually served with berries or ice cream.  For Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, you will recognize it from the Nanny from Hell episode [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duv7EGr8Nxo]

So what about this Pandan?  It is a plant that is used in a lot of Southeast Asian cooking and the extract in the cake not only adds flavor but gives it a distinct green color.  After speaking with Janness she kindly offered to send me some Pandan paste and about a week later I was ready to bake!

You can see her full Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe on Full Access Singapore.  There isn’t an overpowering sweetness which I like and it has some hints of the coconut cream and pandan.  I highly recommend making for your next dinner party and sharing a new cultural food experience with friends. Pandan Cake BatterPandan Cake in Cake MoldFreshly Baked Pandan CakePandan CakeGreen Pandan Cake

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