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Reem’0 Meerak: Radio Host and Educator Looking to Bring Back His Own Show

By Nick Christophers

Kareem W. Tyson aka Reem’o Meerak has always been drawn to the entertainment field and wanted to make his mark in some manner. He eventually did when he hosted his own show called REEM TV Radio. The show lasted 11 episodes on YouTube and garnered positive attention among viewers. It aired on Damatrix Studios Network which consisted of three full seasons.  The show was derived from an earlier one called REEM TV which was aired on Youtube from 2009-2013.

“I had the pleasure of interviewing a slew of talented entertainers and entrepreneurs that had incredible stories to share of their claim to success and fulfilling their dreams. I had Kid The Rebel from The (Media Blog Website), Independent Rap Artists G-Dott, Lusive, Tony Paperz, Video Vixen/Model/Actress BX Thunder and many more during my three seasons at DSN (Damatrix Studios Network).”

Reem’o was on air from March 2015 – June 2016 but even though the show ended he was not done hosting. That specific show talked about arts, life, music, fashion, urban culture, sports, business, social issues and community. He soon would end up on another show called The King Indeed and was a guest on the show being interviewed twice (July 2015 & August 2016). He also was a host / interviewer on DSN’s show Press Day” / Influential Spotlight which featured such talent as Lumidee and TONE Trump (Indie Rap Artist/Actor, who was in the movie CREED).

He admitted that the hardest part of keeping a show going was to maintain your energy and love for the craft. The other more important element was to draw attention to your brand and have listeners enjoy the content and the message you bring. It is paramount to keep their attention and so they can become faithful listeners.

“The Press Day/Influential Spotlight Series was a platform for highly talented to established entertainers to display their new projects, as well as in-depth interviews that express and celebrate their success within their career.”reemo-meerak-profile-picturejpg

Currently, he is co-hosting a radio show called “Rich Off Life” TV as a sports analyst, which has been just as exciting as his own.  But he is looking to revive his web series again. For someone like Reem’o it is a matter of compiling the right team to make a quality show with a solid message.

Besides being a radio host he is also an educator during the day. He has always kept both careers separate but at times where educational topics surface on a show he offers his knowledge to the discussion. Reem’o was always involved in the entertainment industry. From 2007 to 2013 he appeared on TV, film, music videos and even print ads as a model. In 2012 is when he changed gears and entered the educational field. It wasn’t until 2015 after meticulous research had he founded his own radio show. In 2016 he linked up with J.D. Hunter of The Hunt 4 Love Productions. JD would end up managing his career from then on in.

At this point Reem’o is looking into various new projects on the horizon as well as going back to developing a new radio show. He is a man on a mission and is far from leaving the entertainment game anytime soon.

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