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Where to Buy the Best Christmas Trees in New York City

If you grew up outside of New York and now live in the city, you are faced with an annual dilemma that involves the purchasing of a live Christmas Tree.

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, tree stands are set-up throughout the city.  They are filled with douglas firs, frasers and balsam firs.  Friendly staff are stationed at these stands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Christmas.

As fun as it is to see experience the sights and smells of fresh trees all around the city, there is a glaring problem.  These trees range anywhere from $80 to $200 for trees starting at 5 feet.

However, I have found the best place to buy trees in the city and have been going for the past few years.  On the corner of 94th Street and Amsterdam Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is a little corner market.  Outside the store they have Christmas trees that are 6 and 7 feet tall for $40!  They have 8 foot and taller trees for only $60.  This is the best deal in town.


Christmas Tree Stand on 94th Street and Amsterdam

Now, after you have bought your tree how do you get it back to your apartment?

Well, in New York I feel it’s most appropriate to take the subway (and that is exactly what I did.)  Just a word of caution that you should probably take the train on off peak hours.  And also be prepared to get a few looks and smiles.

Happy Holidays!


Christmas in New York City #subwaytree

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