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Camellia Cheung: Chinese Folk Singer Looking to Build Her Name in the States

By Nick Christophers

Here in New York we are surrounded by different cultures and races from Italian, Greek, German, Asian and more. Each one of these races has a left a mark in the Big Apple. The Chinese in particular have more than others established strong communities in almost every borough. Be as it may, many have grown to love and enjoy American culture as well. They have come to study and share their talents with everyone.

One such individual is Camellia Cheung who in the short time she has been here has offered her voice in many shows. Her origins stem from the ancient Manchu Family an honor in itself. She was raised in mainland China under a strict upbringing like many other young ladies in China. Before trying to tackle the music world she worked many years as a government officer and was a political conference member for the PRC (People’s Republic of China). Before working in the political sector she studied Chinese Literature. After moving to Hong Kong is when she discovered her “true calling”, music.

She never studied music but singing for her came natural and seemed like a hidden talent waiting to be discovered. Even though as a young girl she always enjoyed singing Chinese folk songs the idea of furthering her love for singing was not a top priority. Yet it soon became not a priority but a mission.

Before coming to New York she put on personal concerts in Hong Kong. Her shows ran like a well-oiled machine. She is a perfectionist and always strives to be the best when she takes the stage. While still in China she was awarded the “Most Popular Folk Singer” by Central Broadcasting and CCTV a great honor for her from two key organizations.

Upon her arrival in New York she came under the guidance of the Better Chinatown Association. Since joining, Camellia has sung at many events around Queens and Manhattan. At one event she shared the stage with popular actors William Fu and Peter Pang. She has been compared to a “Chinese version of Cher” with her fashionable style and vocal range. Only recently did she perform at the 2017 Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Manhattan to a vast audience.Camellia Cheung Chinese Folk Singer.jpg

Her schedule keeps growing only just recently she performed for shows during the first two weeks of February The first one was in Chinatown (NYC) for the New Year then in Queens at the Public Library and the last two back in Chinatown (NYC). But her dream is to have a personal concert at Lincoln Center. Another goal of hers is to sing songs in half English and Chinese, somewhat similar to the way Shakira does English/Spanish. She also has a DVD of her personal performances that she sells are her shows. The DVD is entitled “Camellia Live In Concert” and was produced by WSM International Entertainment.

Camellia’s beauty and drive for perfection is her strongest tool in fulfilling her goals. Sky’s the limit for her and it is only a matter of time before she breaks into mainstream America. To keep up with her shows and news visit her on social media.

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