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Leonardo Cavalli: Author, Singer Delivers From The Heart In A Big Way

By Nick Christophers

There are many books out there about how to better one-self after many tragic events. Whether it is substance abuse or relationships almost every angle has been covered. Among these many repeated subjects mostly from celebrities or athletes comes one from a “regular guy” speaking from the heart. Leonardo Cavalli decided to share his personal struggle after a tough divorce to the world in hopes to “open the eyes” of others to help them to avoid the same pitfall.

His book “24 & Divorced” has done just that and has raised an awareness to the red flags associated with a possible split. The book starts off with Leonardo Cavalli in a medical research facility, taking experimental test drugs to earn enough money to get his life back on track. Through a sad series of events after his divorce Cavalli found himself homeless after making six figures at a law firm right out of college. Leonardo’s saving grace ended up being his music producer Parker who suggested that he channel his mixed emotions into words rather than in violent outbursts at clubs/bars. His journey to peace can be accredited to him sharing his experiences with others who were divorced and going through heartbreak as well.

“There were several different reasons I wrote this book. The first reason I wrote this book was to help myself vent out all the pain and confusion I was dealing with. Immediately after my divorce I went into an incredibly deep depression. During that time I would vent by getting into bar fights throughout the months. I would beat guys up and steal there girls. If I couldn’t fall in love then I didn’t want anyone else to either.   I also wrote this book because I felt like I owed it to society. I feel like there is a lack of communication between generations, and I wanted this book to bridge the gap of wisdom. We simply should not be making the same mistakes of our fathers. Most of all, I was also inspired to write this book after meeting so many other divorced people around the world as I was soul searching. I wanted to help people avoid the same mistakes I made.”leonardo-cavalli-24-divorced

Since its release it has garnered fans around the world that requested countless autographed copies. The best thing about the increased interest is that it may prevent unnecessary break ups when solutions can be found.  As quickly as he orders more to send out other orders for autographed books arise. Besides purchasing the novel from Barnes & Noble and Amazon consumers can also buy it directly from Leonardo via his website. It’s not without saying, his ex was not too thrilled about him releasing this book. During one of his radio appearances she called in expressing her disapproval about the book by screaming and swearing on the air. But as Leonardo explained, “some people never change their stripes.’

The most unique element that is going to make Leonardo Cavalli’s book 24 & Divorced a New York Times best seller is the fact that Cavalli has an accompanying 24 track album/soundtrack that he sang, wrote and co-produced with his producer PARKER! Cavalli also has music videos that help explain the album and book in further detail. He has even gone as far as creating a free app called “Cavalli Corner”, where all his fans and friends can ask him relationship questions and get daily motivation quotes texted to them from his app. The app is available in the Apple Store for free. People appreciate his book, music videos and music because of the transparency in it. Fans have said, “It feels like Cavalli poured his heart and soul on every single page and song. King Cavalli says what everyone is thinking deep down.” People can simply relate to him because of his blunt honesty and smooth delivery. No wonder he is rapidly gaining fans on a global scale.

Currently he has also branched out into acting. He is working on a film with members of Spike Lee’s team. But he cannot expose any of the details of the project due to the fact it is still in its infant stages.

The project should be out by 2018. Even though his acting and modelling gigs are not his focus he still makes time for them while heavily promoting his book and his music. He somehow manages to balance being a motivational speaker and  Love and Life Coach for clients around the world.

For 2017 his team is planning an international tour for his book which will consist of “Cavalli Coaching Classes” and concert performances as well. In conjunction with the book is the 24 track album entitled “Wounded” whose lyrics are connected to the book’s theme.

If you are looking for a great read and phenomenal music that will make you laugh, cry and simultaneously teach you priceless lessons about falling in love then look no further. This is not just a book or album, this is an experience!

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