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Fashion Show Fundraiser Supporting Veterans

By Nick Christophers

In the elegant and scenic Novotel an exclusive event unfolded with a positive and pure message. Mary James, the founder of the organization C.O.V.E.R. Inc. in conjunction with entrepreneur Margot Briggs organized a fundraiser to aide Veterans of all ages and stripes. The event was hosted by actor and model Steven Stanulis who offered his time to a good cause.

The event featured not only amazing fashion but top notch performers. Artists like Princess Long Long and ENI offered the guests everything from operatic melodies to R&B. Mary James gave the guests a breakdown of the organization and presented photos of some of the Veterans she has helped. C.O.V.E.R has been around for 30 years and continues to offer guidance for Veterans whether it is medical or otherwise.

“For the past thirty years we have helped Veterans with PTSD and or brain injuries. Even though we are poorly funded we keep moving forward. We have worked with Vets from modern times to as far back as WWII. Our goal is help them with their healing. Helping them inventory their injuries. After Margot came in contact with one of our Veterans she was moved to offer her help with this elegant event.”Models

Margot has been involved with setting up fashion shows since she was fifteen years old. After attending Kenmare West High School she went into modeling and worked in Paris and Milan. To tame her artistic side she attended FIT and completed a degree in Advertising and Communications. From there she entered the investment banking industry but the entertainment world was not far off. She would executive produce many films most notably “River Made to Drown In” starring Richard Chamberlain, Talia Shire and Michael Imperioli.

Along with Margot was Cathy Han who came on board to bring together an Asian presence. Margot agreed that the Asian community should also be represented at this grand event. A pure example is Princess Long Long who is not only a singer but a fashion designer.

But one of her most inspirational moments was coming in contact with a Veteran from C.O.V.E.R.. This specific Vet trained her in what is termed as “remote viewing” and taught her what it is like in combat. That is when she decided to work with Mary to bring this amazing event together.

“Mary and I pooled our talents to combine a collaboration of fashion/networking with a fundraiser for the Vets. All the proceeds would benefit C.O.V.E.R. It was a great event that featured artists like Princess Long Long and ENI. We hope and pray it will be an example for others to follow,” said Margot.Steve Stanulis

After the fashion show and performances the guests headed for the club REBEL for an after-party. Over all it is was a success as it also received coverage from ABC Eyewitness News.

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