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Ramp Sourdough Bread

It was 11pm on a Sunday and 4 balls of sourdough dough sat on my counter.  They had been rested, stretched, rested again and were nestled in their baskets ready for an overnight proof in the refrigerator.

Then I felt the urge to bake.  But why turn the oven on when most people are going to bed? Because I had some very special loaves to work on.

This was sourdough filled with ramps.  A pungent, garlic and onion tasting little stem of a plant that makes just about every food critics annual list of things they must eat.  They are my (and many others) 3 week obsession during the Spring.Fresh Spring Ramps

The smell of dough and onion hung heavy in my apartment.  I had put about 1 cup of finely chopped ramps per loaf.  I really wanted to make sure the taste came through and these didn’t disappoint.  I am convinced the smell carried through all 6 floors of my apartment building.  Ramp Sourghdough

For anyone interested in making this bread, simply use your favorite sourgh recipe and load them up with ramps.  Freshly Baked Loaves of Ramp SourdoughJPG

If you really want to go over the top, spread on some ramp infused butter although I stuck with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  These really are worth a try and if you come find me next Spring, I will be sure to share a few slices with you.


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  1. Great article! The bread
    looks delicious! Would love to try some.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us
    to bake!

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