Things to do in New York City

Harlem Rose Garden

GreenThumb Community Gardens started in New York City in the 1970’s.  These gardens are located throughout the city and while they are fenced have access to the general public.  The spaces are maintained by individuals who live on the block and have a range of styles and layouts.Greenthumb Rose Garden in Harlem

One garden I enjoy is located on 129th street in Harlem.  The Rose Garden is nicely shaded and has plenty of benches and seats for people to relax and read a book or drink some morning coffee.  Wood Garden Benches

As you can guess, roses are a highlighted feature of this particular garden.  It is open to the public from 12pm-5pm on Saturday and Sunday with some additional times during the week.

My recommendation is to get a coffee from one of the local shops (Lenox Coffee or Astor Row Cafe) and then spend an hour relaxing in the garden.

After, take a stroll down scenic Astor Row and then walk about 3/4 mile over to Strivers Row.

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