Skydiving and Other Extreme Sports in Atlanta

By Safaria Bell

If stress has put a great hiatus in your life and you seek healthy ways to cope, here are some suggestions you never thought would help relieve some of the pressure. Blood-pumping activities like skydiving, swimming with the sharks or hang gliding are all adrenaline rushes worth experiencing.

Atlanta provides safe environments for each of these activities. Read below where you can visit and enjoy all of the stress relieving fun in action!

Skydive Atlanta

Located at 2333 Delray Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286, Skydive Atlanta is the top rated skydiving center in Georgia. This is a facility that let’s you experience what it feels like to actually fly while catching the beautiful view 14,000 feet off the ground. Their prices are reasonable and the instructors provide excellent care for all their jumpers.

Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding

To soar like a bird, you must first free your mind. Second, you must visit this park!  Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding is a beautiful location to learn how to fly. The pilots provide tremendous care for their students, and the prices are acceptable considering you get to glide, experience training hill flights and go hiking if you have some down time.

Treetop Quest

Instead of flying through the clouds, this adrenaline pumping obstacle course can easily get your heart pounding as if you were 14,000 ft off the ground. With monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps and zip lines, Treetop Quest is a rush worth getting. Located in Atlanta-Dunwoody, GA, this obstacle course provides the best courses ranging in difficulty from easy to very challenging.

The most ideal approach to deal with stress is to learn healthy, adapting methods.These methods are not for everyone but it can be of help to those who easily turn to adventure. In any case, if jumping off a plane or zip lining through the trees, you can learn to keep your stress from hijacking your life.

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