Partial Eclipse of the Heart

By Javier Alvarez

Today in New York two rare events occurred: the city was on the path of partial visibility (71%) of The Great American Eclipse and New Yorkers held back their indifference and showed interest in one another for a little over 1.5 hours — during their sacred lunch hour no less!

At 2:00 I ventured out to the streets of East Midtown with a co-worker who shares a passion for photography — and who has access to top notch photo equipment. Our destination was Bryant Park. My goals were twofold: 1. to gain unobstructed access to the sun, believe it or not there are few places in the city from which one can see the sky without obstruction, and 2. to partake in a rare event that brought out strong emotional responses from thousands of New Yorkers.

It’s rare see a solar eclipse. It’s even rarer to find an event that brings the city together – gathering outside and looking up, instead of down. Sharing glasses, pinhole devices, camera tricks, and memories that will last us all a lifetime.Partial Eclipse of the Heart (1)

Our gear included a makeshift camera obscura, a cereal box concoction from which one can track the light movements that enter the “chamber” through a pinhole. Top notch photo equipment, elbow grease, and steady pulse.

Focal Length 600mm
f 40
ISO 50
Speed 1/4000

Luckily clouds served as a natural filter as we didn’t have one

And the resulting pictures!Partial Eclipse of the HeartPartial Eclipse of the Heart (5)Partial Eclipse of the Heart (4)Partial Eclipse of the Heart (3)Partial Eclipse of the Heart (2)All photo credits: Javier Alvarez


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