Citrus Oregano Pork Tenderloin

By Seth Fera-SchanesCitrus Oregano Pork Tenderloin
1 lb pork tenderloin
1 cup orange juice
1 medium sized onion – chopped
2-3 clove garlic – chopped
2 tbsp – dried oregano. 1 small bunch of roughly chopped oregano would also work
2 tbsp olive oil

Serving size: 4
Prep time: 4-8 hours
Cook time: 25-30 minutes

In a plastic bowl, add pork tenderloin, orange juice, olive oil, oregano, onion, garlic, and a little salt to taste.  Cover and place in refrigerator for 4-8 hours.

Preheat oven to 375 F degrees.  Remove pork from marinade and allow to rest on a plate for 10 minutes.

In a saute pan, heat a little olive oil over medium heat.  Add pork and sear for about 2 minutes per side (do all four sides.)  Remove from pan and place on a baking dish. Add pepper to taste.  Place in oven for about 25 minutes or until interal temperature is 170 F degrees.


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