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Biking the South County Trailway

The South County Trailway is a relatively flat, well maintained trail that was part of the Old Putnam Railway line.  It is one of 4 segments from the train’s path that have been repurposed for public use.  The trail starts at the top of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and continues north for just under 15 miles.

You can start on the path as a continuation of the Old Putnam Trail that runs through Van Cortlandt Park.  If you are on a road bike, it is best to avoid the dirt paths of this trail but this will require additional navigation to pick up the South County Trail.  I made my way around the park in the Bronx (note: there are a few hills to contend with) and then found an entrance at 36 Harrison Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705.  I missed the first couple miles of the path but you can feel free to double back for the additional mileage.

South County Trailway

The path was tree-lined and had a a mix of runners, walkers, leisure solo riders and biking groups (who really push the pace.)  This biking adventure is great because it will allow the rider to feel like they are escaping city life for a couple hours but is accessible enough to be back in the city for your 1pm brunch reservation.

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